Friday, June 24, 2011

Jodie's Race

I recently ran my first 5k. I was able to run most of it. It took me about 40 minutes with roughly 5 to 10 minutes of walking, only when I need a little break. But I never stopped. Even thought I need to use the restroom when the race started and saw a port-a-potty about half way through. But I was concerned if I stopped to potty I might not be able to start running again!
I was quite passionate about running this race due to the cause. Jodie's race is for ovarian cancer awareness. Not a cause I hear much about, so I wanted to help get the word out.
I saw on facebook that there wasn't too much support, and this was my first 5k. When I arrived to see over 2,000 people gathered, I was surprised, to say the least. But it was wonderful, I got an email recently that said they raised over $200,000 from the race and the race teams that did fundraising.
This really gets me stoked for next year. I think I would like to try and get a team together and do some fundraising... But first, I need to find another 5k to keep my exercise motivation going!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


One of the many wonderful things that make my children so much better than anyone else's, is there ability to go on road trips without going crazy and taking me with them!
Of course the travel DVD player helps, a lot.
The girls and myself loaded up in Grandmama's car and travel across the not so wild, more boring west into the great belly button of America. Greensburg is where my mom and her family have called home. It is where my grandma was recently buried and where a F5 tornado tried to wipe off the map.
Four years ago the family had planned a Memorial Day weekend get together in Greensburg to bury Grandma's ashes next to her husband. The morning after confirming our plans, we woke to see on the news that a mile wide tornado had just hit the mile wide town.
I didn't feel the same loss as the rest of the family, however the chance to see the house my mom grew up in was no longer an option. Big Girl J was barely two months old when we made that trip. Being able to go into Greensburg and see the devastation was an experience that left me amazed and feeling very insignificant.
This last Memorial Day weekend was Grandma's sister (Aunt Sissy's) 90th birthday. So the families made the travel plans and endured the drive to celebrate with each other. We also got to enjoy the festivities of the Greensburg annual High School Reunion. This included a parade, much smaller than the ones my girls have seen, but it was still enjoyed.
They got lots of candy for such a small parade, but of course there weren't many children fighting for the handfuls!

The next morning Aunt Sissy blessed up with her presence at breakfast. This is the first time she had met Little Miss O, and the played a game of pass the jelly for a while!

Wise Aunt made our family's favorite treat, blarney stones. This is a treat the Aunt Sissy was known for making at all of our family get togethers. A treat that many of us had missed for years, and a treat my girls got to experience for the first time, and then at least five more times that day!
Grandmama did Big Girl J's hair for our BBQ that evening, so Big Girl J wanted to return the favor. She did much better than the time I did my Grandma's hair and decided she needed a trim. I believe that may have been my first realization that once hair was cut simply putting it back would not get you out of trouble!

At the BBQ in a local friend's backyard a town over from Greensburg, we found the world's best swing set. Big Girl J and Little Miss O certainly didn't want to leave, not even for the left over blarney stones!
We survived the trip home, and really had a wonderful time.