Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a Little Busy

My last post was only a few months ago, and not much has happened... HAHAHAHA I couldn't even type that with a straight face!
So let's see, time to catch up, what should I start with. There was the pinterest projects I did last weekend, the invites I made for Opal's birthday, the new baby that joined our family!
Back almost 11 weeks ago, we had our 3rd little bundle of joy, Baby K. She was 8lbs even, and although I had to be induced, she came pretty quick. She was very healthy, her breathing was slightly stressed, however, we got to keep her in the room and after the three hour adjustment time, she was fine and perfect.
She is growing like a weed, already sleeping through the night, in her crib, in her room. She just went to her room this week! She has been a very different baby from my other girls, but she is not what I would consider difficult. She doesn't take a bottle very well, but is getting better. I have an all day event, an hour away this Saturday, and was getting concerned that I wouldn't be able to go. So trying to find a bottle that she will take was becoming frustrating and tiring, then we realized it wasn't so much the bottle as the fact that she knew I was there. Although she hasn't fully latched on to a bottle, she does eat enough from a bottle to hold her over till I get home. I had a cooking show Tuesday night and when I returned home she had almost 4oz of milk! This means I get to go to my event Saturday, and I don't need to worry so much about her eating when I am not around, if she gets hungry enough she will eat!
M wonderful supporting husband, was very willing to tough through the day, even if she hadn't ate that much on Tuesday. He is a great dad, and I love that he was ready to have a terrible Saturday with a crying child just so I could go do my thing. I have friends who cancel on me last minute because there kid is sick and the dad just isn't good with that kind of thing. I am certainly blessed with my family!
The big sisters are also doing a wonderful job with their new sister. Big Girl J and Little Miss O love Baby K so much. In fact there are many times where I have to say 'no kissing the baby when she is asleep!' They just can't keep their hands and kisses to themselves, they are always asking to hold her. In fact, when my drama queen, Little Miss O, is having a fit over nothing, I can calm her quickly by asking if she would like to hold her sister. The tears stop immediately and she runs to a chair. Big Girl J is often getting herself into trouble by picking up Baby K when she didn't ask first.
A couple weeks ago, I think Baby K was around 5 or 6 weeks old, I wanted to go run a couple errands. Baby K was sleeping in the bassinet in my lower room ( only 2 steps lower), and the girls had been playing. I told them to get some shoes and and we can go. I walked up the steps to get my purse ready, use the restroom and help find shoes. After everyone was ready, I turned to go back to the lower room and get Big Girl K. As I turned around, Big Girl J was carrying Baby K to me. I am certain the look on my face would be similar to that if I had turned to see a serial killer with a very large knife in hand. My heart skipped a dozen beats and it took everything in me to not freak out. My 5 year old lifted her out of the bassinet, walk through the room, up two stairs and through two more rooms without my help, knowledge or permission. I took Baby K from her and strapped her in the car seat and realized the damage was done. Big Girl J knows she can physically carry Baby K and no amount of yelling will prevent this from ever happening again. So we just need to regulate it.
I told Big Girl J that she needs to ask before just picking up her little sister. That I would be happy to help, but I must be aware that she is doing it.
Since then, Big Girl J does fairly well at asking before moving her from the floor to her bouncy chair or chair to floor. She has been allowed to take her from me and walk over to give daddy Baby K. However, there are still a few times when I put Baby K on the floor and walk out of the room, and when I return she is in the chair. My babies are growing up too quick!
And now as a reward for those who read this whole entry, some pictures of Baby K and the big girls!


  1. Thanks for catching up. What color are Baby K's eyes???Inquiring minds want to know!! ;-) Love you.

  2. Argh! I need to see her! October is too far away!

  3. Really like the "footy" picture.