Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best Super Awesome Great Aunts

We had a special treat last weekend. My mom's sisters made a trip across the corn fields and pass many cows to the not so wild west, to crash a 3 year old's birthday party.
As the story goes, Mamma was trying to talk her recently retired sister into coming out for the weekend to help her dig iris. Obviously, no one in their right, or retired mind would want to drive 8 hours or more to 'help' work in a garden in 95+ temperatures. However, if you add in the opportunity to attend a certain 3 year old's birthday party thrown by the best party throwing mom, then it just might sound like a good idea. Good enough to talk another sister into coming along! Which means I get a weekend with my Aunts and my girls get a weekend with their Great Aunts! This is the first time they get to meet Baby K, but they have met the big girls many times before. Of course, it took a few minutes to warm up to them, but before they got in the house, both girls were hugging and loving on their Great Aunts.
Both came bearing gifts. Like they were trying to bribe the girls for the Best Super Awesome Great Aunt Award. the BSAGAA.
Baby K got a blanket from Wonderful Aunt Gaynell, all blankets are welcome from her. Aunt Gaynell is always so thoughtful and gracious with her gifts to my girls. As if they were her own grand kids, and they love her just like a grandma. She got to stay at our house and help me while I prepared for the birthday party, and I was very thankful for the extra set of hands!
Of course, Baby K was passed back and forth as arms got tired, neither one admitted it was tired arms. They tried to act as if they were just being nice. One comment of 'you can hold her since you have fewer years left with her than I' created a comical conversation and lots of laughter!
Super Aunt Jan, gifted the big girls a hand made toy, that the girls just loved. They came rolled up and tied with a ribbon, that was supposed to just be the 'wrapping' however the big girls thought that is how the toy should be stored.

There were video's of them playing, however they are little big. So I will have to figure out how to add those, or link them or some technical thing I don't understand. But these toys get played with daily and it is very fun to watch them play!
Great Aunt Gaynell brought them a craft to work on for the next morning. The girls love coloring with markers and this time they got to color on clothes with markers!

With Great Aunt Gaynell sleeping in the nursery, we had Baby K in the bassinet in our room for a couple nights. The nursery and the big girl's room have plug in night lights. Our room is quite dark at night, and I didn't think ahead of time with that. So the first night I told Wonderful Husband that I forgot to bring a night light in to our room, so if Baby K wakes up in the middle of the night I won't trip on anything to go get her. So he snuck into the big girl's room and stole theirs. The next evening Aunt Gaynell had gone to bed while the girl's showered, so when we went to tuck them into bed, Big Girl J was concerned that their night light was gone (even though the light in the bathroom stays on and lights their room much more than that little night light does.) This was a very big problem for her. Wonderful Husband told her 'Aunt Gaynell must have borrowed it, maybe she is afraid of the dark" This made me giggle, but I let it be. After the girls were asleep, he snuck back into their room and took the night light for our room.
Since night lights are not something I remember when the sun is shinning, this happened again the following night. The night after Great Aunt Gaynell left we were walking into the girls' room and Big Girl J said, "Now what did Aunt Gaynell do with our night light this time!"
We both laughed very hard at this, but we allowed her to continue to think that Aunt Gaynell had been taking their night light, only because she wasn't here to defend herself!
Love You Aunt Gaynell!

It was so awesome to have you both here this last weekend! We love you Wonderful Great Aunts so much, and I have decided the BSAGA Award goes to the both of you!


  1. WOW! Such nice things! Of course, you could not know how very, very much we enjoyed your girls and how all the way back across the rectangle (Kansas, don't you know!) we talked and laughed about our visit and your clever, funny girls. (And of course, their charming parents and grandparents!)

  2. We had a great time! After the snow season, we will be there again! Maybe on 4/4.