Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ginger Bear Update

Since my picture of Ginger Bear that I took 3 days ago, Little Miss O has fallen in love with it. Now she has become a bit of a hoarder of stuffed animals. She has grown attached to a certain blanket that goes to be and nap with her, she insists on both stuffed animals that have pacifiers attached and now Ginger Bear.
It makes me happy to see my little girls get so excited when I find Ginger Bear and hand it to her with a final goodnight kiss. I also like that Ginger Bear is getting love on a regular basis, not just sitting on a shelf holding onto its own memories. Now Ginger Bear and Opal get to make their own memories!


  1. Me, too. Can't wait to see her with it.

  2. Already with a mind of her own! Ginger would be proud..she also had a mind of her own!!!