Sunday, March 20, 2011

Search for the Ring

Wednesday, I woke up to my bed moving. Our bed is tucked into a nook in the wall. We don't have a traditional bed frame, so when my husband dreamt that he lost his ring in the night, he was able to pulled the mattress out from the wall and successfully woke me up. At first I laughed at him, because I had no clue what this statement would mean to me having to search for this ring. I told him it was bed sheet day and not to worry. I was sure it would show up. But now that I was awake, I might as well get up. And he immediately started to strip the bed. This made me laugh a little more because he admitted to feeling naked and really wanted his wedding ring back. Now it has been five years of constant wear, and I very much understand feeling naked without mine, but for him to act as I would if I lost mine, made me happy.
Without success Wonderful Husband left for work, and left me with a pile of bed sheets and a missing ring. I had thought a few days prior about rotating the mattress so that our personal divots could fluff back up. My thought was today must be as good of day as any. So I prop the mattress against the dresser. Move the box springs completely to the side and find.... nothing. Our custom built bed frame has shoe cubbies underneath. So out comes the super bright flashlight and get down on my hands and knees. Still nothing. After putting my room back together, making the bed and washing the sheets, there was still no ring.
Next stop, closet. Now I don't have reign of the closet. It is a small closet and I moved into this house that my husband was living in, and he had a full closet. I have roughly 5 items in the closet, good thing I don't wear dresses. So 7 or 8 years ago I adapted and have essentially been without a closet to call my own. So this closet has a pile of snow boots and other uncommonly used shoes, a backpack and a few other random items. I pulled it all out, acting as an actor from CSI where I inspect everything with a flashlight, except my flashlight was too big for the job. However that did not help. The ring was not there. After another search of the shoe cubbies, and a few other far fetched places in the room, I decided there was no way that ring was in the room.
Even the girls helped in the search.

See the over sized flashlight, but still did not help us find the ring. So the girls kept looking.

 It was not in the bathroom, or in the bath tub.
It was not under Big Girl J's bed, but I am glad they checked, because they did find toys and other random items.
Then the horrible thought crossed my mind. What if the dog ate it. Oh crap, literally.
So, my Thursday morning, while Big Girl J was at preschool, Opal and I spent an hour and some picking up a winter's worth of doggy poopy from the back yard. And it is a big back yard and our dog seems to not want to poop within a foot of another pile. So that wasn't fun. But now we had a clean slate, for the fresh poop search. Now to wait a day and then more searching. UGH!
Now it's Friday, I have things to do. So I will do whatever I need to do to avoid the poop. On a trip to the near by town and then to the local library for story time, I received a call.
Wonderful Husband called from work, seems he found his ring, in Wisconsin! Yes, my husband's ring came off while loading up a box for a customer in Wisconsin, and he only dreamt about it that night, he didn't actually loose it in bed, nor did he loose it with in five hours of bed time. But alas it was found and more importantly it was discover in said box and not thrown away for us to never have a clue about.
So all is well. I got the bed sheets cleaned, the dog poop picked up and I didn't have to dig through any of it.


  1. And all's well that end's well!

  2. So funny to see the girls helping to look for the ring!

  3. Your story made me laugh out loud! Thanks. I love a happy ending.

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