Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catch up

I have been a bit on the busy side. Not complaining, just putting the blog on the back table.
Getting the girls' Easter picture taken today, that in itself is exciting but very concerning to me. Our Christmas pictures turned out OK, but Little Miss O put up a bit of a fight. Here's hoping it goes well!
My seedlings are turning into plants and doing very well. The tomato plants, the super snap peas and pumpkin plants are all going strong. The banana peppers, red peppers and egg plant are just starting to show themselves. I planted melon and watermelon yesterday to finish off the tray where I started the red peppers. Also got the lettuce, carrots and strawberry plants planted directly in the garden. We aren't turning on the sprinklers till next week. We had planned to turn them on this weekend, but the extended forecast showed a bit of rain every day this week. So we thought that seemed pointless. So we will wait.
In playing outside yesterday I got a little carried away and cleaned out the back yard flower beds. The front beds got a good hair cut last fall, so there isn't as much debre in there. However the back garden was a mess. So I de-debred it!
I have a cake to make for a friend's daughter's first communion next week.
Easter is this weekend. Cousin C and the girls did make paper mache eggs last week and hope to have them painted tomorrow! Pictures to follow, of course, with some of these projects the pictures can not been taken during the project, as my hands are all too busy!


  1. Will there be fresh produce the first week of June? Just asking!

  2. The photos turned out lovely! (at least three of them!)