Thursday, April 21, 2011

Delicious Hot Smoes

Yes, I know, I took a line from Toy Story 2.
But really. After Big Girl J's fourth birthday bash, she requested to toast marshmallows. Unfortunately that evening the winds picked up and being high fire danger season, no need to mention the on going and recently put out wild fires. So even just a fire in the pit out back wasn't such a good idea. We stalled her for a day, and the winds did not subside. That night we did the next best thing. Fire in the fire place, marshmallows on BBQ skewers and an outdoor table cloth on the floor.
This picture melts my heart.... just like they are melting marshmallows!
I had a tray of the fixin's right behind them. So the mallows came of hot and I was ready. This was not the first s'more experience for anyone in my family. I am happy to offer a s'more at the youngest possible age.

Two s'mores later, marshmallow and chocolate traces on the white couch and table, I dunked the girls in a bath and sent them to bed. What a wonderful way to wrap up Big Girl J's birthday celebration week!

On a side note, still about the Birthday Girl, I didn't show off the cupcakes we made for her preschool class.
Got the idea from the cutest cupcake book from my wonderful Wisest Aunt! The fish were made from circus peanuts!

 Really, she wanted to help this much making her cupcakes, no need to reference child labor laws!
 She did get to enjoy her hard work when the cupcakes were done!
So did Little Miss O!


  1. What a great post. Since I am not there, this is the next best. Thank you!

  2. I am glad she had such a fun week. And I am so glad you are doing such a good job sharing it with everyone.