Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Hair Cut

Little Miss O finally grew some hair! So in honor of that, the hair hanging over her ears looking shaggy and the hair on the back of head was very rough, I let her get her first hair cut.
I actually did not plan to cut her hair. In fact I was only planning to get my hair did and when we arrived at my friend's house, Big Girl J asked to get her hair cut. Her actual words, "Can I get my hair cut long?"
I have decided I will allow the girls to choose their hair cut. After Big Girl J had several hair cuts, I started asking if she would like it to look like Dora's or other TV characters she can relate to. No, Elmo's hair cut was not one of those options!
So mommy sat in the chair and turned into foil head, getting my highlights. When I got out of the chair to let it sit, Big Girl J promptly climbed up. My hairdresser smiled, because she is such a great 4 year old to never fight getting her hair trimmed. After just a few minutes and a nice clean trim, Big Girl J jumped down. Then Little Miss O tried to climb up. As a 20 month old, she found it difficult to climb into the chair! But I helped, thinking just let her sit there and be comfortable with it when it is her turn. Then jokingly I commented that she didn't have enough hair to cut.
But our hairdresser said, "\We can trim it and clean it up."
Initially I had a fear of what happened when Big Girl J got her first trim. She looked like a little boy. I was not pleased with that trim, nor was I very pleased with that hairdresser. But there is a reason I am not getting my hair trimmed by her any longer. In fact, my current hairdresser is the best I have ever had! The first time she did my hair, I just told her what I did not like about my hair. She fixed it, made it wonderful, and I have trusted her ever since. Every time she says, "what do you think if we do this?" I say yes, I trust you. If you think it would look good then do it!
So I look at my wonderful hairdresser and say, "OK."
 She gave a smile, but wouldn't give a full smile. She was a bit unsure, but did great!

Little Miss O didn't fuss one bit. She sat there quiet and turned her head as directed. And never go mad at mommy for taking about one hundred pictures! I was not prepared with my real camera, although my camera phone does a wonderful job. I was also not prepared with a bag. However my wonderful hairdresser came through with a fresh clipping of hair and a baggy! And to make the hair cut the best ever.... Little Miss O didn't look like Little Mister O when it was done! My wonderful hairdresser cut Little Miss O's hair just like a little girl's hair should be cut!


  1. I love her little "yes, I am smiling, but only a little!" You are indeed fortunate to have a hairdresser that 1. you trust and 2. understands kiddos.

  2. I love her little 'lips together smile'! She is such a cutey-smoochie!