Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Communion Cake

I really do have fun making cakes. I know I am not a professional cake maker, but I am quite happy with this one. My fabulous hair dresser had a daughter, whom on May 1st had her first communion. She asked for a cake, that we talked about during my previous hair appointment, and also maybe dyed my hair a few minutes too long because of the cake talking! But I am still happy with my hair.
I wanted another shot at making good branches. She wanted flowers. I went with a two sided cake.

I used melted chocolate piped onto wax paper and then placed in the fridge to make the branches. I was much happier with these. I was not happy with my cross on top. I made it from rice crispy treat that I should have made a day ago and forgot. So I made it an hour before and it was not completely hardened, so it leans a bit. In fact it was leaning enough that I placed a plastic fork behind it, to prevent it from completely falling off the cake!
This is the front. After setting the cake on the table, I turned around and realized that I still have a lot of flowers left. And I don't really want to take them home, so...

I tossed them all on the table in front of the cake. I must say, I think that really finished the cake wonderfully!
During the cake making process, Wonderful Husband had a birthday. I used the left over blueberry batter and the leftover strawberry batter and made small 'tuna' sized cakes. At a recent booth a Tupperware lady had a set of plates, cups, pitcher, and cake holder. I had met this lady at other events, and I have debated on purchasing this set. At the latest booth she informed me that this was the last set. It is no longer in the catalog and she has no more available. I thought for a minute and responded with, "do you take checks?"
She informed me that the small cake container will hold a cake the size of a tuna can.

Actually you can bake a cake in a tuna can, just clean it and get the paper off it. So I made 3 little cakes and set each girl down with their own cake to decorate for Daddy's birthday.

 Cake decorating is something Big Girl J very much enjoys. She takes it very seriously!
However, Little Miss O didn't understand why she couldn't eat the cake and lick the icing. If you look close at the picture, there is a bite sized piece of cake missing here. Just after this picture was snapped she licked the spreader. But the look she gave me when I told her no, was the best.
Since the cakes were so small, Wonderful Husband only got one candle to blow out. Big Girl J was hung up on that for a few days. Kept asking 'how old are you?' with a follow up question of 'then why did you only have one candle?'


  1. You are an awesome mom. No wonder J wants to take you on her camping trips!

  2. WOW this cake is gorgeous! Well done!

  3. I love the "tuna" sized cakes! Your girls are quite fortunate to have a "participatory" mom. (also the First Communion cake is wonderful.)

  4. Love the tiny cakes! Such cutie girls!