Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Update

What another fun packed month! And it would appear the this next month may not allow much more free time. With the sun going down so late, Big Girl J is having a hard time staying in bed when she goes down. Last week, after I took a day for training without the girls, I promised Big Girl J that we would spend the whole next day together. After putting her to bed that evening, with the sun still showing, she came out of her room and said, "Mr. Sunshine is still up, and you promised we would spend the whole day together."
What do you say to that!?! Not fair, so we cuddled for a little and I got her to bed just as the sun went down.
Little Miss O is getting very feisty. She has learned how to pull hair (since she has none, it is a safe fighting move.) She also uses her little nails to try and stop her sister from taking toys from her, and yesterday she bit her sister! I put her in time out and she kept getting down from the chair, so her time out ended in her room, in her crib. After a minute, and she quit crying when I had closed the door, I went to get her out of time out. She had covered herself up and was going to nap! What is silly little girl!
Yesterday my children tested me and my patience. I learned a few things and still need to figure out a few things. I am just glad that day is done, and I hope we can have a better weekend. Please can we have a better weekend, I beg that it gets better!
On a lighter note, I had three cakes I did this month, and 2 due for next weekend. I helped my sister-in-law make her 8 (almost 9) year old's birthday cake.
I don't know much about Sponge Bob, so I am glad Mister C came wearing a shirt that showed Sponge Bob, so we could reference him!
I made Momma's birthday cake. These were actually small cakes, but larger than cupcakes.

I tried to make them took like flower pots, I ran out of time to make flowers (obvious bad time management) so I used peanut butter cups as the flower. I claimed that this was the rare butter plant from the south western peanut farms of Antarctica....
And then step brother's girl friend asked me to make a cake for her dad's birthday.

From the golf game step-brother, step brother's girlfriend's dad, and Wonderful Husband played that morning, it sounds like I should have place all the golf balls in the water feature!
I also had my first Iris blooms!!!!! I am bad at names, so why should my iris be any different. I think I should place name tags on them this year.
 The first, and many of these guys have bloomed since!
Second to bloom! Love the pastel coloring of this one!
I had one more open yesterday, white up top and yellow on the bottom, again don't know the names, so help would be great, so I can give them name tags and call them something other than "little guys."
And lastly, my veggie garden. I planted most of the plants I had started from seed in the garage. I think I will attempt a time laps of the garden, by taking a weekly picture of the garden. more on that later!

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