Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Fun

I was going to post on the cake I made a week ago, but I have not prioritized the blog, therefore more fun things have happened since my last blog! I will try to blog about the cake tomorrow or the next day. Maybe the day after, I will make the goal to post again by Wednesday!
Back to it. Mother's Day. I love Mother's Day. Not because I think I deserve some sort of special day to be loved a little more, or that I need a special day to be appreciated. I feel appreciated (almost) everyday, and I know even though they don't show it, my babies love me most days, hopefully. I love Mother's Day because it seems to be the official kick off to the gardening season. I have also made it clear that I don't need anything other than being allowed to enjoy a garden nursery and have no judgment passed at checkout.
The girls seem to enjoy the nursery, they like all the flowers. I had them help me pick out Dahlias. I picked a dark red, Big Girl J picked a yellow and red one and Little Miss O picked a hot pink color! I love them, I just hope I can grow them this year. All the plants I purchased yesterday went in the back yard. My front bed it full and we have sprinklers through the back beds this year. The back beds are still considered full sun, but maybe an hour less than the front.
Big Girl J was upset on this trip to the nursery, they were so busy there weren't any little carts for her to push. In fact if I hadn't grabbed the run away cart in the lot, I would have been without a cart!
After enough pouting, Wonderful Husband went in search of one. He came back with a wagon, and it worked! Little Miss O was a little jealous, so we put her in the wagon, and she got to go for a ride!
They didn't actually knock anything over, but they did try! Everyone kept stopping to say 'how cute' and then laugh a little when the wagon wheel caught  the corner of a table or a trellis. Then they switched!
That didn't last too long, but she tried. Wonderful Husband had to give a little push on occasion to help her along.
There was a station for kids to plant a plant for mom. The girls were a little hot and seemed uninterested, but when there is a chance for me to get a free plant I push for it. Little Miss O picked out a lovely yellow pansy and Big Girl J picked out the plant with lots of little white blooms. Not sure on it name, but it is a creeper plant. Either way, my girls enjoy playing in the dirt and when they realized that was part of planting a plant, they were on board.
Big Girl J's wagon was commandeered while she was playing on the playground, just prior to planting her plant. When she finished her plant she went to put it in the wagon and was very displeased to find it missing. I tried to explain that it is a busy day and someone needed it, Wonderful Husband tried to explain it as you left it unattended and you lost it. I hope she got the gist of both!
I suggested her not to be upset but to go home and play with her own wagon. We pulled it out, put Mommy's plants in it along with gloves, shovels and kneeling pads. We went around the garden, I picked a place to plant something and she picked out what plant would go there. It was wonderful team work, and I really enjoyed my entire day!
She also helped me plant my corn, soybean and green bean seeds in the vegetable garden.
Wonderful Husband made me my favorite Belgium waffles for breakfast and took me to one of my favorite lunch places for lunch. At lunch my little girls waited patently for their mac and cheese. But they were too adorable, I had to take a picture!


  1. Great pictures...look like they have the idea of how to treat Mom! Love you.

  2. What a great day! Love the photos!