Friday, July 8, 2011

Momma, Momma, quite common, how does your garden grow?

I am feeling very good about my garden so far. Well most of it. I have had my fair share of salads and given bags of lettuce to a few friends. I planted the lettuce and carrots at the same time in early spring directly in the ground. Both just one packet of seed. They have both done great. However lettuce doesn't like the hot weather, and was going to seed soon. So about two weekends ago we found a great sale on pepper plants at a local nursery. With the thought of canning some salsa with all those tomatoes we purchased 8 to 10 different varieties of peppers. The next day I pulled up the lettuce and planted all the peppers.
One is a chocolate pepper, more on that when I get to taste it.
I was feeling like my tomatoes were growing very slow, and the eggplant, red bell pepper and banana pepper plants hadn't grown at all since they got planted.
 Red Bell Pepper
Banana Pepper, these really are about the same size they were when they got planted. I did start all of these plants from seed, in the green house corner of my garage. So I am really hoping for these guys to do something big, like the squash, or corn, even the pumpkins.
From left to right, pumpkin plants, squash, and corn, with the tomato plant in front. The corn is about chest high, the squash is more than half as tall, and they are all doing great!, But those tomatoes... So I decided to visit Loveland Hydroponics for some grow food.
Side note, big shout out to the guy who runs that place. It is very friendly to those who don't know what they are doing, like me. He answered every question, requested pictures and is very friendly. He is the reason my garden has gone so well. I am glad I found that shop!
Back to the story, he hooked me up with some grow food. And my big garden helper applied it wonderfully!

See, what a big help! The carrots are in front of her, the patch of peppers to the side with soybean and green beans behind them. There are also red onions next to the carrots. I am very excited about all that my garden is producing! In fact I have baby green beans growing and hope to be eating fresh green beans shortly!



  1. Looks like all your hard work is having results! So nice to have a helper, isn't it?

  2. Has your Mom told you about Lawton Hydroponics?

  3. It looks like you will have lots of good produce this summer! Wish I could come trade some labor for some homegrown tomatoes!