Thursday, August 11, 2011

It seems time does fly!

While I look at the summer flying by, I realize that this is just the beginning of 'busy' summers. Big Girl J has had two different vacation bible school weeks, one in June and on at the end of July. She had a week with an afternoon hour of soccer camp. Little Miss O has turned two! Little Miss O and Big Girl J both had two weeks of swim lessons for a half hour each morning, however it seemed the day was shot after that half hour! We have traveled to the zoo, gone to an interactive farm, and many trips to the splash parks.
While I feel this summer has been great, quick and busy, I know that every summer with my growing girls will be different yet equally busy, and with any luck all of the summers will be fun!
One thing my girls have enjoyed this summer is working in the garden with me and eating the fruits and veggies of their labor, (mostly my labor, they just hold the basket!)
Now to catch you up with pictures in case you get bored reading all those words!

My Goal: Post about the birthday, the garden, the plum jam I made, and what ever else I am forgetting!


  1. Summers always fly! This has been a good one, though! We have enjoyed seeing you and the girls twice already and maybe one more next month!

  2. Love the pictures...and the post. You are right that each summer is different. Enjoy them all!