Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still figuring this out

I know, it has been yet another month since I last posted. I am mostly posting currently to let you know I have changed my comment settings. I was getting comments that sound like spam with links that I wouldn't even try to click on. I change the comments allowed to only members. I wanted to make sure my family who wants to keep up with me (when I get back around to posting regularly) still can. I also changed the comments to be previewed by me before they will post.
At first the comments were on my cake picture posts, and they were odd, but at least sounded like the person read my blog, but then had a link to plastic surgery sounding link. Then recently the comments were on random post and had nothing to do with the post. So I am fed up. I do not need plastic surgery. You spam people ruin everything. EVERYTHING!

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