Monday, October 10, 2011

Really, I might start doing this again!

Most days I don't feel I was that busy, but I am tired enough to believe I must have. Also, many days, I think if I actually were being paid to be a 'homemaker' my family would be starving. It's probably a good thing I can't get fired from that job!
My awesome garden went a little down hill when my new puppy (he may be a puppy but he is about the size of most full grown dogs) got into my garden, multiple times, and pretty much destroyed many plants. I tried to put up fencing to block him, but then he jumped the fence in a different area. I again tried to block him, thinking the only other place for him to try is so blocked by very large plants, he won't jump because there is no place for him to land... Unless he is not afraid to land directly in the middle of my pumpkin patch. The Jerk!
I still have many and very large tomato plants, however the crop seems to be struggling. First, I kept those plants very well labeled and I am most certain I did not put grape tomatoes in my garden, yet I have very red and ripe looking grape tomatoes on the same stem as large tomatoes. So I am struggling. How could I have expected a great veggie year my first go around?
Also our house is up for sale. So depending on when it sells, my second go around for a veggie garden might not even be a consecutive year! Let's hope that is not the case, because my little girls are loving helping me. Big Girl J has been very involved in helping me in every step. And she loves those little grape tomatoes while she is playing outside. And so does Little Miss O. At least someone will eat them if I can't get enough tomatoes at once to can them.
Speaking of canning, I purchased two boxes of apples and have been (slowly) working on making applesauce. I have already made some plum jam (Christmas presents) and today I made 7, 12oz, jars of grape jelly. I hope to add tomato sauce to this list, of course finishing the apples before that wish comes true would be helpful!


  1. I know how it feels to lose momentum, especially when your life seems to be in a state of flux. Perhaps the holidays will inspire us!

  2. I misread the number of 7,12 oz jars to be 712..did you hear me gasp? Would be nice to be close enough to sample some of those goodies!