Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a hot mess

Ever have those days where you could slam your head into a wall repetitively and it would be better than everything that has been going wrong? Me too! I don't even know where to start with yesterday. I didn't feel the day was going that way when I woke up. It didn't start feeling that way until at least a full half hour after I had woke up.
I was in desperate need of going to the store for the sake of being able to feed my kids 2 more times that day. So I sat down and started getting my coupons and list together. Big Girl J had preschool to go to in an hour and was eating breakfast watching cartoons with Little Miss O. I am feeling good, found my stash of coupons, finding good coupons and then it happens. I looked at the clock. I told Big Girl J to finish and get dressed we will have to leave soon. Grab Little Miss O and get her dressed. Remind Big Girl J to get moving, then I start to search for my coupon organizer, so I can fill it with my great coupons. But I can't find it. Then I have a realization. "HOW CAN I STAY ORGANIZED IF I CAN'T FIND MY ORGANIZER!!!?!?!?!?" After my slight freak out, I find it. As I am loading up my organizer I remember, I need to put those pans in a box and get them on the front porch for the fed-ex guy to pick up. Keep this thought in mind, because I did not.
I get Big Girl J dressed, teeth brushed, hair pulled back, coats on and out the door. With my shopping bags that I don't always remember, so that is a big deal for me! Big Girl J gets to preschool on time and I get to the store. I also get in and remember to load my card first, it is a fundraiser for the preschool, so I can do the fundraiser without spending anymore money on useless stuff. Yeah, look at me go! I am on top of it.... then I open up my check book to see I have no more checks. Big breath, big breath. I will just use a card, I don't want to but I will. Card is loaded time to shop. It was nice. 1 kid. Haven't done that in a while!
So we get home and I see a piece of paper sticking out of the door. I think, "Oh no, I forgot to put that box on the front porch!" So I get the paper, and realize it is a confirmation for pick up. Now I think out loud, "What did he take?!" I look around and notice a box that had been there (for a week, waiting for a guy to pick up) was gone. Now I am thinking about going inside and just slamming my head on the counter. These pans have to get taken care of today so they right ones will be shipped in time for Christmas, and what is going to happen to the other box! Big breath, big breath.
After fixing myself a bagel, so that at least something will be in my stomach when they come to take me to the funny farm, I find the number to call for fed-ex. After much laughing from the lady on the other end of the phone, then assurance that it IS fixable, she gets a hold of the driver and asks him to come back. So I get the box ready, with some cookies as bribery since this is my regular guy and I don't want him mad at me.
I leave to get Big Girl J from school and see that parent help for Thursday needs to bring fruit for smoothies, not the snack bars I already bought at the store early. Big breath, Big breath. Its ok. I did buy fruit. But now I have 20 snack bars to go through at home.
We get home and the box is still there. About a half hour later a knock on the door. Should be the fedex guy, but it is not. Luckily it is the guy for the other box. He made it all the way to his car with the other box (and was excited about the cookies, but confused) when he realized the weight wasn't right for what he was in need of. So he came back and asked, now I must confess my idiossities to another person. Who by the way really had to wait until right now to pick up his box. It had been there for a frickin week!!!! Big breath. Big breath.
I decide to feed the girls and nap. Because what bad stuff can happen while I nap. Well nothing. Really nothing gets done. No laundry, no vacuuming, no mopping, no dishes. Well it was a good nap till I realized how badly I should have not done that. Big breath, big breath.
Big breath, big breath.


  1. seriously though, so glad that guy didnt take the wrong box and then you have double nothing for the fed ex guy!! It worked out, with a little patience building exercise :)
    you rock sista!

  2. I am just so sad that you have a 'regular fed-ex guy"...

  3. OH MY GOSH, I love the title of this one!