Monday, February 28, 2011

All Hail the Paint Gods

As a religious person I say that joking. Please do not stike me with lighting!
Wonderful Hubby and I had the energy/ time to do a project this weekend that was being put off for a reason. Most of the walls in our house are dry wall covered in plaster. The pattern texture is quite nice and shows that the house is a bit older, you just don't see that in newer houses. Probably because plaster doesn't give and we seem to have a few cracks here and there. Lucky while tackling the project of fixing the big ones you can see the cracks don't go past the plaster. The reason this project had been put off for so long, it is a chain reaction. These certain walls I speak of have no break, like a door way, they all connect. This means that you can't just repair and paint wall 'A', because the new white shows that the old white is about 10 years old! I am not sure you can call it white after comparing it to a new white. so wall 'B' that needed no repair had to be painted, then wall 'C' that had a repair connected to wall 'D' and so on until my living room and dinning room got new paint. Luckily the ceiling has a nice break/ edge, where shadowing doesn't show the difference in color unless really looking for it. So it is good enough for us!
A few weeks ago Wonderful Husband and I had picked out a nice tan/ beige color for the dinning room called waves of grain. I suggested in his first run to the small hardware store to look at the shelf of 'oops' paint. He brought home a $5 bucket of paint that is so close to the color of our sample, you could have guessed it was the right color!
As nice as that luck is, it really wouldn't have made a big difference in the long run since the room prior to new paint was just old white.
However in the 'nursery' there was a couple spots that needed fixing but the room had recently been done. In fact thanks to my wonderful family the room was decorated and painted prior to the arrival of Big Girl J. They did a wonderful job. Kept it neutral like I requested, however being pregnant when they asked to do this and needing to fix a spot. I was not as quick as I needed to be in finishing the wall prior to painting. I think over time and lack of watching DIY network prior to this, my drywall patching was less than mediocre. So in a trip to the larger hardware store we found a great creamy yellow on their 'oops' shelf for yet another $5.
Now Wonderful Husband grew up in an awfully colored room of gross yellow and green shag. He currently has a 'thing' again yellow. So getting him to agree to a $5 can of yellow made it easier to not need to repaint the entire room! However, how is it possible to get the right match off an 'oops' shelf? Apparently very!

Please excuse the darkness of the picture, but if you look at the wall directly below the center of the window you can see the difference of color, it is more dramatic here because the new yellow is still wet.
In this picture I have not edged the corner and only touched a couple spots on the wall to the left, and had completely painted the right wall.

I am very glad this was such a good match. I was tired from the weekend project and had a hard time getting Opal to nap in mommy's bed for nap and really wanted to let her sleep in her own room that evening! It was nice to have a project without surprises, excluding the surprise of matching paint!