Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who Plays with Diapers for FUN!?

So I am helping put together a baby shower. I think I may have mentioned this already, however, if I have not, then let me tell you that I am helping put together a baby shower. I enjoy this kind of stuff. Planning get together. Maybe that is why I enjoy Pampered Chef, I can do those fun get together with out making my friends get together every month. Because it is hard enough, now that we all have kids, to even get two of us together at a time.
I am doing two cakes for this baby shower. The first cake is edible, strawberry cake with gnache filling and chocolate cake with strawberry filling.  The second cake is not exactly edible but usable. A diaper cake! I have read the Internet instructions and have seen the prices of what people charge. I should be charging more for the edible cakes if people can charge that for a cake made of diapers.
These cakes are super easy. However it seems to require a few more hands than what a normal human may have. Thanks to Wonderful Husband's hands (hehe) I was able to put this together quite easy and quick.
They do take a consider amount of diapers and just as many rubber bands. Since I am not sure who all reads this blog and who will be a the shower, I can not say how many diapers because that is one of the games.
When I met with the new mom's mom, to finish planning the shower. She showed me the two tiered diaper cake she purchased online with the rest of the pea in a pod decorations. She was a bit disappointed in how small the two tiered cake was. Her plan to stuff it with many fun baby items was stifled. Remembering seeing the instructions online and thinking, "that is silly easy," I offered to add to the existing cake.
If you want to make your own and keep it white, Pampers is the way to go, size 1 or 2, I used size 1, and the pre-made cake used size 2. Not a big difference in size when using them this way. If you want color and know diapers then you can buy accordingly to the patterns on the diaper. The 2nd tier on this cake was made from a size 3 diaper 'donated' by a friend who no longer has needs for that size. The purple stripe was un-avoidable with out turning the diaper inside out. But this will be covered so easily with a receiving blanket.
Back to how to make the cake. Roll each diaper and bind with a rubber band. You can use hair ties if the cake is for a baby girl. An empty paper towel roll works great for the middle and keeps the layers together. Shove a diaper in the roll and place 6 diapers around the roll. Tie with string or ribbon, this tie needs to be practical not decorative. Tie tight. This is where the other hands come in handy, one for keeping the diapers upright while getting the string in place and a finger to hold the knot tight. Then add out and up as desired. The six diapers around the center diaper is a perfect size for the top tier.
I will finish the edible cake tomorrow, but I am a little over booked for the next few days. So I will post the cake when I get a moment.


  1. Very interesting tutorial! It looks way more practical than most cakes that don't get eaten!

  2. Ahhh....posts from all three of you today! Looking forward to seeing you tonight. Love the cake...and you are a really good friend.

  3. You have the most interesting stuff to share. Thanks for sharing it. Love you.

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