Thursday, February 10, 2011


There are a couple problems with having snack food in this house. First is that I have no self control when it comes to junk food, mainly sweets. Second, neither does Big Girl J. She may have gotten that from me.
I don't usually buy chips to go with lunches. For some reason I did a couple weeks back. Since we usually have gold fish or wheat thins or an orange with lunch, this one bag of Cheetos has lasted two weeks. For that I am proud of myself. If I really caved to my weaknesses that bag could have been gone with in hours. I also don't usually buy sweets because I really have no will power towards that evilness. However I bought a box of rice crispy treats to be part of my cake. I only used two from a box of 8 or 10. I have really tried to keep away from them, except for that one that I ate the other night. Anyways, when the girls eat well I have offered them after they are done with their food. It isn't a bribe for finishing their plate it is a treat for being good at the table.
Yesterday, the girls are eating PB&J and the last of the Cheetos. The bag is thrown away, any left on the plates will be tossed, not eaten by me. I already had some.
Little Miss O hands me her plate, empty. Actually she threw it off the table, but we are working on that. So to keep them busy while I finish cleaning the kitchen, I give her one of the said treats. Now, my mistake, Big Girl J still has 7 Cheetos left on her plate, but no longer wants them now, that the treats have come out. So I put one on the furthest corner of the table from her. I told her to finish her Cheetos and she can have one. I turn around to put Little Miss O's plate in the dish washer, and turn back around to see Big Girl J with only one cheeto left on her plate. And Little Miss O has 6 Cheetos on her plate.
I just stand there, trying not to laugh out loud. I keep my composure, and ask, "Really?!"
Now Big Girl J stares at me, with a wonderful, 'what are you talking about' smile on her face. As I continue to stare at her, waiting for a real response, she just stares back.
All the while Little Miss O is eating away at the Cheetos.
Big Girl J finally speaks up and says, "She likes Cheetos."
I decide to make a very important decision that would make the rest of my day or ruin the rest of the day. I gave her the treat and walked away.


  1. Well, if she likes know - win/win...

  2. Choosing your battles is such an important part of parenting! You rock!

  3. BTW, how do you use rice krispie treats in your cake? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. You are a really good mom and she is a lucky (and smart) girl...

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