Monday, February 7, 2011

Butter Creamy!

The time has come. The days are ticking by. The cake needs to come together, tomorrow. Today however was for the icing. Time to dig into the 6lb bucket of Crisco. Time to break into the 25lb bag of powdered sugar. Time to test my blender.
I am using the basic Wilton butter cream recipe.
1 cup Crisco
2 tbsp milk or water
1 tsp vanilla
1 lb Powder Sugar (roughly 4 cups)
1 tbsp meringue powder  
I was able to do 3 batches at once in the blender. Then I dumped it into a 5 gallon bucket. In total I put 9 batches into the bucket. This will be the dark green base color and the glue to hold the cake together.
Like my models?
I made 5 more batches for the lighter color that will be the thinner top layer.
I will need the bucket to color this batch also, but the dark green needs to be done first, as in tomorrow. If you look close, but not too close you will see a small child licking a beater in the background, the giant mess that comes with mixing this much icing. But now if you look very close, by the blender, toward the edge of the counter, notice that very clean spot. Like maybe a little tongue 'cleaned' that area that had some powdered sugar dusting.

And of course after each batch, the question was asked, "Can I lick the beaters?" "Not yet," I said multiple times, to which the response was "Are we ever going to be able to lick them?"
This was only a 2 hour project from start to cleaned up, but to them it was pretty much a week of torment.
I had been trying to do the math on how much icing I really need to make. When I got to the second to last batch and realized I was going to run out of Crisco soon, I decided that would be a good stopping point.

Yum. 6 pounds of lard. 110 calories per 1 tablespoon, about 227 tablespoons in the container. Plus the 14 pounds of powered sugar. 467 calories per 1 cup, unsifted. 4 cups to a pound. 56 cups. That is only 26,152 calories from powdered sugar. Plus the 24,970 calories from the Crisco, it's only 51,122 calories in all that butter cream frosting. YUM! Of course you can take out the 200 I probably took in by licking my fingers randomly!


  1. That is some yummy looking stuff, but scary math!!

  2. 1st - I miss the girls.
    2nd - I did not check you math, but it seems right.
    3rd - good luck on the cake prep. I have been thinking about you and all the work.
    4th - don't forget to remind J about feeding the cats.

  3. What a BIG project! I can hardly wait to wee the finished product. (I agree with Jan...scary math.)

  4. That is supposed to be "see" the finished product...

  5. I am a little curious about the name of the frosting...Butter? Cream?

  6. I got a very funny visual after reading G's first comment...