Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

Little Miss O goes to preschool one day a week for 2 1/2 hours. Tuesday they learned about Dr. Suess. Their art project was gluing the colorful cracker snack 'goldfish' to a fish bowl shaped paper. The book they read with this was 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish. She told me all about it, and how they aren't for eating, they are for art. This statement must have been repeated many times during art! She was so proud of her art, she carried it around with her almost all day. She even brought it to the dinner table!
At story time, I asked her to set the fish bowl on the table in the living room, so we could focus on the books. And she did. And it stayed there.
The next morning, I was heading towards the shower as she came out of her room. So I picked her up and kissed her good morning.
She said, "My goldfish are gone, I ate them."
I looked at her confused, she didn't take them to bed, so I looked to my left to see the piece of paper shaped goldfish bowl with just crumbs glued to it! I tried not to laugh to hard, but I couldn't help but giggle about it for a while. My silly girl snuck out of bed, I am not sure if it was just after she was put to bed, or if this was a midnight snack, and ate every single fish! I think this might mean we need to hold out on getting the girls a pet goldfish!


  1. Well, a real gold fish might be a little harder to catch for a snack! What a funny girl!

  2. What a funny little girl! But honest!