Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Super Duper Capes!

Big Girl J just keeps getting bigger! My first born turns 5 in a couple weeks. But she acts much older, sometimes. And much younger when she doesn't get what she wants, the part of this that drives me crazy is Little Miss O gives into her crying fits and gives her the color cup or spoon that she wanted. Those silly girls!
The birthday party is going to be held the weekend before her actual birthday. This is confusing to a 5 year old. I have had to explain to her, many times, why her party is a Saturday in March rather than the Wednesday in April, that she knows is her actual party. For a long time now, she has been very into superheros. Back in the fall, I got the idea of a superhero themed party for her, and made the mistake of telling her my idea. Since then, that is all she has talked about, there has never been another option for her party. So I did some research online for ideas and turned up very little. Some parents go overboard and spend tons of money on a young child's party, and others didn't seem to try. So to meet in the middle where I want to be, don't go broke, but put in some effort, I had to pick and choose and try things myself. The invites, and the capes were the toughest.
I will get into more details on the invites later after the party, when I blog about everything I did. Today I am talking capes. I had my Super Mom, go to a local fabric store with me and we tossed around some ideas. I left there knowing I could make one yard of fabric into three or four capes. We also decided to use light colors so the 'craft' of the party would be the kiddos decorating their own cape with fabric markers.
So the time came, I felt that I had almost all RSVP's and printed off my discount coupons and headed to the local craft store. Got the first few yards of red fabric, and attempted to get the idea of the cape out of my head and into real life. I have a friend who loaned me a sewing machine, so I got to avoid digging mine out (Thanks!)
I feel they turned out better than I thought they would. Very basic, but I was able to make four capes to one yard and that includes the tie. This makes the capes about $0.35 and hopefully the masks will be just as cheap.
Of course, the big dilemma, I only thought I had all the RSVP's in. This weekend I made roughly 25 capes thinking I would have 5 extra. As of Tuesday, I am short about 5 capes! Luckily I can make four capes in a half hour, so I am not worried about that, however, I no longer have extra capes or fabric, so I will have to print some more coupons and make a couple trips to the fabric store! But it should be fun, and I am hoping for some awesome pictures of 30 or so superheros running around my back yard. Oh, yeah, and I am hoping for good weather, since 30 superheros running around my house seems impossible, wait, that should read 'is impossible.'

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  1. Can't wait for the pictures! What a great party idea! Love, G.