Sunday, March 18, 2012


We have had some crazy awesome warm weather. It has really been testing me, I know I shouldn't get out and clean the garden quite yet, but it is sooooo nice. Of course, maybe I just should, since I am 8 weeks and counting down. It might be more realistic for me to do it now, in sections, very slowly.
I did go play in the dirt yesterday though, I got the go ahead from my friend's mom (who works at a nursery) to turn over the veggie garden and get ready to plant those cold weather seeds next weekend.
Of course, I came home, changed my shoes, grabbed my hand tiller and went to work. I am out of shape or 32 weeks pregnant, because, man that really kicked my butt! However, it is done. The garden is ready.
I will be planting carrots, lettuce, onions, and broccoli next weekend. We do have a chance of snow/ rain early this week, but is should be super pretty again next weekend. This means that I need to finish making my seed tape for the carrots and lettuce. I got this idea from the crazy world of pinterest. I don't think I knew of seed tape, I am still a novas to say the least about my gardening ability.
It uses lengths of toilet paper, cut in half and separated (if two-ply.) Then use a ruler, paint brush and cornstarch or flour glue, drop a glue spot every couple inches.

 The carrots suggest a couple inches, I haven't read the lettuce yet, but obviously measure to the seed you are using. Then fold the toilet paper over on itself. I used cornstarch and it seemed to dry very quick, so after four feet, then folding, it did not stay. So I went back on top of the fold and dropped another drop of glue on the top. It seemed to hold very well. I did 4, four foot strips this way. Then I ran out of time. So I must work on this some more this week! But I have a very busy week, so I will have to plan time wisely and calculate how many I need, so as not to waste time.
Come next weekend I should be able to 'dig' a shallow ditch to lay this in, then cover. Then hopefully they will grow!
I never admitted this about my garden last year, but I had no clue what size that seed was when I went to plant. I had muddy gloves from 'working' the area I had planned to plant the lettuce and the carrots, so when I opened the packet of microscopic seeds and dumped them into my muddy glove, I instantly realized it would be impossible to separate these by two inches in rows. So I 'sprinkled' the seeds to the best of my ability over the area, and used the dirt to cover and 'help' spread them. During my harvest it was painfully obvious that they were extremely crowded. I am excited to see how this tape works. Especially since I can work on this, in the garage, out of the wind, out of the rain, or at night.


  1. Grandma Perry did a similar thing each year. I think it made her happy to be able to do something "gardening" before it was wise to put things outside!

  2. You are becoming the vegetable garden expert in the family! And, every family needs one!