Monday, March 12, 2012

Lady Bug Art

There is this new Internet craze called pinterest. If you haven't heard of it, then I might consider you lucky. It means you probably can get online, check your email and get off. I tried my best to avoid it, but I only resisted for a few months.
I signed up just after the first of the year, and have drooled over all the gardening ideas. I am ready to go play in the dirt. I like to consider it my dirt therapy. I can both gain my sanity and get the girls out of the house, and for an extra bonus, we get veggies! There are many great ideas on pinterest, both things to buy and things you can make. There are silly ideas, like how to make your laundry room awesome however you have to use your entire house and loose bedrooms to make it that great. There are ideas that make you go, well duh, how come I never thought of that!? And then there are ideas that you look and and think, when would I come across a bowling ball to do that craft with.
And then it happens. Your husband has the idea of taking the kids bowling this weekend. He gets up in the attic to pull down his bowling ball bag, and discovers his $300 ball has cracked into 3 huge pieces. I walked into the garage around the time of this discovery and asked what he was doing. He pointed at the ball, and I immediately said, "oh, I saw something on pinterest that I could do with that... it was a lady bug! Oh don't throw that away, I can use it! Oh, sorry about your ball."
After finding that pin, and saving it to my board, I read up on how to make it. I started in on painting it the next weekend, and it was very easy. I hadn't a chance to find something for the antennae, so it sat for a couple weeks.
In the next few weeks, my husband found another bowling ball to give me. Apparently he thought the little guy was cute. And then next day, my mom found one to give me. However, she wanted it back once it looked like a lady bug!
This past weekend, we went to the used building supply store looking for something very specific. Or my husband was looking for something specific, I was looking for things I had seen on pinterest that I wanted to try. I lucked out, only found electrical conduit, for the antenna!

 So much fun! I can't wait to find their home in the garden. I will dig them down half way, so the cracks on the one won't show, but more importantly, I saw one picture on pinterest where they didn't do that, and it looked silly.
Next pintering project: Toadstools with old wooden salad bowls. I hope to get working on those over the next week or so.
I will have to pace myself, since I do have a bit of work to do with Big Girl J turning 5 in just a few weeks!


  1. I really like your ladybugs! I think I will enjoy pinterest from afar and just appreciate what others are doing! That is really a crazy, funny idea!
    A school friend of one of my kiddos had bowling ball art in their yard...about a dozen balls in a circle around a tree trunk. Not nearly as creative as a ladybug!

  2. Oooh! I might have some wooden salad bowls! And, by the end of summer, I may have a garden! (not veggies, alas, but maybe some flowers!)