Friday, January 28, 2011

At least they WANT to help clean

I have a video , but I am not sure how to actually insert this video. I used the app 'quik' on my 'new' phone. It works well, but I obviously don't know how to use it!
Back to the video. There are so many aspects of this video that make me laugh. I think I will start with Little Miss O. About a half hour before the 'mess', Big Girl J was asked to put away her pearl necklaces. She decided to put one on herself and one on her sister instead of putting them in her jewelry box. Shortly after Little Miss O decided to try on her sister's shoes. They are only 5 kid sizes too big... but she did a very good job walking around in them.
Now to what happened. Big Girl J is very into being independent and doing things on her own, this includes feeding the animals. She loves it, one could say it is her favorite part of the day since she tries to feed them multiple times every day. She thinks it is most awesome to feed them 'cupcakes', this is when she puts so much food in the bowl that is has a hump on top that makes it look cupcakey. It seems inevitable that there would be a spill of cat food from this style of feeding. But really she usually does very good, holding the bowl very still, and walking up two steps and navigating around a crazy cat who thinks she will never get fed again.
As you can tell in the video, Little Miss O didn't think holding the pan still would work very well. Now Big Girl J has had a little practice with the broom. And has witnessed mommy start from the top step and work down. But to my defense I have never picked up pieces and thrown it to the lower level only  to sweep it up later. But this method apparently worked very well for Big Girl J. In her process of sweeping and throwing cat food, Little Miss O was trying to catch the pieces in the dust pan. Now not all the pieces landed in the pan, so she felt it would be more effective to pick up the individual pieces and set them in the pan. The pieces would then fall out when she bent down to pick up another one.
The wonderful craziness was just great to watch. I had no urge to help. I guess I knew that when the dog came in the problem would be solved. Shortly after taking the video and trying to figure out how to share it, Little Miss O gave up on helping her sister. And only minutes after that Big Girl J asked me to hold the dust pan. I grabbed the pan, turned around and was very surprised to find an actual pile of cat food pieces in a nice pile on the floor. It may have take 20 minutes, more or less. But Big Girl J got the job done!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. I might can help show you how to do the video thing.

    Also, they want to help now...

  2. AND they want to work together. Ginger and I did not work so well together...especially doing dishes.

  3. Very fun! Kind of working together, but each with thier own idea of how to do it. I think that maybe runs in the family...

  4. that is HILARIOUS!!! Working together!! Love it :)