Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Gap in Communication

My husband and I have a New Year's Eve tradition of feasting on crab legs. Normally we watch the ads and wait for the king crab to be on a great sale, however this year it just never went on a good sale and the selection of this crab was awful to say the least. So we broke down and 'settled' for snow crab. I know it is still delishious crab meat and I am still glad to eat it, but the king crab says it all in it's name.
So we decided to spend this Eve with a few couple friends, drink a couple drinks, eat a steak and crab feast and play pictionary man. Very fun, it was a blast, although at 1:30am I was the first to throw in the towel and go to bed, I still made the midnight countdown. The countdown we missed trying to take a group picture! I believe I was getting yelled at when I went to look at the TV, to 'get back in the picture' when I said hey the countdown is over!
Back to the crab, the was a lot left, due to over buying and the accompanied steak, potato and rolls. Personally, we needed none of the rest, just the crab will do me fine! But it was a good meal. So my Husband cracked the last of the crab and placed it in a bag. We were asked to take it with us, due to the host not 'liking' leftovers. We didn't complain, in fact we would have probably begged if they hadn't of requested it. We get home on New Year's Day and around lunch I pull out the 'google' and start searching for a good crab cake recipe. Husband asks what I am doing and I tell him, he says, "that sounds yummy." And we go about the rest of the day. A little later I ask Husband if he thinks yogurt is an okay substitution for mayo in the suace for the crab cakes. His response, "You think we need sauce?" I am thinking, "WHAT!?!?! Of course we need sauce!" But instead I just say, "yes, we need sauce" and without an actual to my question, we go on about our day.
Later, around dinner time, I start the biscuts, then move on to the sauce with a plan to finish with cooking the crab cakes. Husband walks in and sees the biscuts, and the sauce in progress and says, "what else are we going to have with this?" I say, "Nothing, this is all I had planned." He then goes to the freezer and pulls out a package of pork chops and starts defrosting them. He then puts them on the counter and says these will go good with it. Then the children become a handful. So Husband takes them in the other room and keeps them entertained. The whole time I am thinking, "what the hell is he thinking!?!?!" I decide there is no reason to fight, I will just make him pork chops, knowing that I will not eat them. The crab cakes are good enough for my dinner.
I finish up the dinner and hollar for the family to come if they are hungry. Husband walks into the kitchen and stares at the counter where all the food is sitting. He stares long enough I get the girls sat down with their plates and milk, before he taked his eyes off the food and says, "I thought when you said crab cakes you were talking about these biscuts."
hahahahaah, now it is clear. He isn't 'crazy' wanting 2 dinners, he had never had good or real crab cakes! Then we laugh for a while, bag up the cooked pork chops for lunch tomorrow, well his lunch, there was still a crab cake left for my lunch! At least he didn't try to play off like he knew all along and ate both porch and crab cake, but needless to say he was happy with the crab cakes, and no other meat for dinner!


  1. It is easy for that type of miscommunication to happen. One time, Jim and I were talking about two different things at the same time, corned beef hash and corn meal mush. In retrospect, it probably sounded like Abbot and Costello!