Friday, January 28, 2011

Eating Dirt

Remember when I made the comment about using Barbie's to re-enact what my wonderful children do? Well I do and I guess that is what matters.
Funny thing about where we live. It snowed last week and this week, today specifically, we are enjoying the 60's. I decided to send the girls outside after quite time/ nap time. They were having a blast, what a great day to get out and enjoy the sun, the outdoor toys and the dirt.
Let's flash back to the last time the girls played outside, it had snowed, a lot. I bundled up the girls and myself since it was at warmest in the teens, and we headed out to the great 5 inches! Big Girl J loves to eat the snow. She loves it so much she calls it ice cream. Apparently I don't give my girls ice cream often enough! As any good big sis would do she taught Little Miss O how to eat the snow. Now you can't just eat snow from anywhere. There are very special, very specific places, like the ice cream shop. The large whiskey barrel planters I have place on the patio. All the way across the patio from 'home,' the play house that consists mainly of a slide and boxed in area with 1 door. So the girls spent about 10 minutes, that translates to hours in freezing temperature time, going from home to the ice cream store getting yummy, fresh and Delicious ice cream. After the fingers froze we returned to the warmth of the fire place, hot chocolate and blankets.
Back to current day. Big Girl J and Little Miss O, getting their shoes on while drinking after nap chocolate milk. I send them outside and sit down at the computer to do a little work. With in minutes Little Miss O comes toward the door crying, but not to hard just enough to make me think her sister knocked her over. But when I turned in my chair and looked at her, I knew what had happened. She had gone to the ice cream shop, and ignored the out of ice cream sign. Little Miss O had dug in the planters, in the dirt and decided to taste the chocolate ice cream, only to discover that it is the worst ice cream in the world. No wonder her big sis wasn't joining in the fun with her. It wasn't fun, it was grainy and gross and when she tried to brush it out of her mouth she only added more dirt. Since she was a bit distraught over eating dirt, I decided not to take a picture. But after she was cleaned up, back to the chocolate milk and had a smile back on her face, I decided to use Barbie to show you how she looked. Now keep in mind Little Miss O was not wearing an evening gown, nor does she have long blonde hair, or any hair for that matter. However to give you an idea, she looked just like this:
Ok, maybe not just like that. Little Miss O only had dirt from mouth down, but I hope this illustration helps to see what I saw.


  1. You are TOO funny! I love what Opal surmised based on her limited experience. Chalk up one of life's lessons learned.

  2. I hope this doesn't put her off chocolate ice cream forever!

  3. OK, I have a sleeping baby on my chest so I can't laugh! But that is ooohh toooo funny!

  4. hahaha, and I am just wondering if Big sis was secretly watching from afar.....just sayin....not from experience.