Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Great Mess Of '11

I bet this title might get used a few more times this year!
Today I tackled a problem area. My scrap booking corner. I have had no time since either baby was born to scrapbook. But I have bought stamps, I have bought paper. I have been to many stamping parties. I have saved many cards, and pictures and drawings. This isn't a problem with many people, but those people might have an entire room for their crafty needs. Even a whole closet. I don't, I have a dresser, in a corner, behind a chair in the living room. Not a lot of space.

This Picture is taken with the chair moved completely out of the way. See the mess. I didn't open the drawers to show that mess, because they don't open easily.
I purchased a couple organizer items to help with this. In the top drawer is a jumble mess of over stuffed random bags to try and organize stamps, embellishments, punches, inks and random items that have been begging for a real home. The second drawer is sewing items, mixed with a few pieces of fabric, topped off with a couple decorative items. The bottom drawer is literally stuffed to the max with fabric given to me. A problem with that, I can sew. But I am not creative enough, nor have the time to pull out a random piece of fabric and just make something. So I have decided to 'donate' it, since it was free and hasn't been touch in years. It isn't going far, it will be going to the Preschool.

Yes that was all in the bottom drawer!
During the first part of the destruction of the old, Big Girl J was at Preschool and Little Miss O was napping. And CSI was on TV, by the way, I never get to watch anything like this unless I have this anomaly happening.
I thought that part went well. But then I had to wake up Little Miss O, pick up Big Girl J and come home to this:
I feel that this picture doesn't do my mess justice.
So I explained to the girls, you need to give me a little bit in this corner so I can pick up my mess. I sit down and Little Miss O come walking right over every thing and sits on my lap.... Not going to work, but I play for a minute to make her happy. Then she gets up and I get back into it. Big Girl J has been sneaky and found  few stickers, they are on the fireplace, the dog, and her face... Then I hear a very odd noise. And my legs have fallen asleep. And I am pretty sure someone has made poo poo. So I get up, and see, Little Miss O taking handfuls of (clean) kitty litter and throwing them up in the air, and then kicking it around with her feet at the entry way. This isn't where we keep the kitty box, we keep it where I am sitting. Needless to say this was a very cool new place for her to play with. At least it was clean, however she was not. I had to change her stinky bottom. When I get done Big Girl J, who is very helpful, has been to the garage and brought back a broom for the both of us to clean up that mess! And she helped sweep it up.
Then I had a couple more minutes and I was done! Done! Nothing goes as quick with all the interruptions, but at least I got 1 thing done today!

I threw away trash, I got back a basket and couple bags and I feel good about getting to the things I need when I have the urge/need to make invites.


  1. Pictures!

    And, I remember those days...

  2. Great job! I like to see pictures too!!!!

  3. You are so good at describing situations! Looking forward to ALL your posts. Love.

  4. Good for you. Now that your space is all neat & organized you will be able to, once again, safely stack stuff on top.