Monday, January 10, 2011

Still Learning

I wanted to figure out a little more about how to 'design' my blog. It isn't going 'well'. But I have at least figured out a couple things.
Little Miss O has been saying a new word a day. She was wonderful with 'thank you' before Christmas but now she is expanding her vocabulary. Yesterday she said 'help' then put her hand still stuck in her sleeve in my face. She said it a few more times after that in different situations. This morning when her hand was stuck in her sleeve she said 'ow' then after freeing her hand she stuck it up to my lips for a kiss!
Big Girl J has been trying to help teach her words. Luckily they have all been good words! My girls grow so much every day. It amazes me.
I was looking for pictures to post for the 'header' of this blog and I found many barbie pictures. On a sister trip to Philly we three bought barbie dolls at the Time's Square Toys-R-Us. We took pictures of the Barbie's posing, fighting and 'hot tubbing' in the bathroom sink. On a recent trip to Chicago with some Pampered Chef Consultants for national conference, I talked them into purchasing barbies to do the same with. Pose them in places were we couldn't go for pictures and for general play and good memories. Then I started to think.... I know, dangerous.... when my girls give me a good story to share, I can use the barbies to re-enact the story to help guide your understanding of what happened.... This could be fun!


  1. Miso happy to remember the NY trip!

  2. Miso too!

    (Silly girls. I don't know where they get it from....)