Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watching the News

Last week we traveled across the state of 'not much out there' to the state of' only has one city and it is salty'. It was a good trip considering the traveling took place in winter, and the chances of road closures are usually high, but lucky for us it wasn't that week. On the wonderful trip we took 4 baby girls, who out numbered the adults by one, to a children's museum. There were many things the kids got to play with and had a tons of fun. Until they got tired and fingers got pinched, but they were good for a couple hours of pure play. One of the areas of play was a 'working' news station. My beautiful girls sat right down in those chairs and said:
In case you didn't catch what she said it was, "Good Morning,... Welcome to the news." Oh so cute, she cracked me up. Big Girl J must think mommy makes her watch too much news. In my defense, I only watch it for an hour in the morning, usually before she even wakes up. Least we compare that one hour to the multiple hours of cartoons she watches all day...
Now for the flood of pictures from the exciting world of the children's museum. Here is the Police Officer:
Just because I need my pacifier, doesn't mean I won't arrest you!

 The construction worker, I feel a song coming on....

 "I don't think the grocery store is a 'right fit' for me"

This was fun, they put paper on a spinney wheel, so they spun it while holding a pencil to it and made pretty circles! Opal even got a try and she did a great job.

This is the fun ball area. See fun, then see where the fingers got pinched, the tube that shoots the balls up into a maze of clear tubes and fun! And then the lid closes as the girls are in awe at the ball shooting up in the air and the next noise you hear is screaming and crying. The pain was quickly forgoten when we enjoyed deep fried cheese on a stick!


  1. What a great place for the little ones. I expect Opal is taller after that stretch with the ball-shooters! And the news broadcast...priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That looks like a very fun place! Much better than the lake of pestilence!

  3. I am so glad you all had so much fun together, and that it was a good trip.